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Expertise and experience remain the backbone of every business and the broader economy, and SPH Kundalila takes its skills development responsibility very seriously, says Graeme Campbell, group commercial and operations manager.

Not only does the company take on a regular cohort of apprentices for practical training, but it works closely with its mining clients in supporting valuable community training efforts that raise the skills bar and open doors into the world of employment. 

“We take up to a dozen apprentices each year, across our operations at Potchefstroom, Saldanha and Aggeneys,” says Campbell. “They do their theoretical training at accredited institutions and we give them the practical experience, with an element of mentoring in the workplace.”

He notes the importance of artisan skills in South Africa – such as mechanics, boilermakers and welders – without which crucial industries like mining and engineering could not perform. The company also trains operators on a regular basis, ensuring that their skills are up-to-date and match the demands of modern equipment and vehicles used by the business. 

“We conduct continuous safety training, as this is a priority area for us and our mining customers,” he says. “The right skills and awareness are cornerstones of the industry commitment to Zero Harm in the workplace.”

SPH Kundalila encourages staff to study further in selected fields relevant to the sector, to achieve qualifications ranging from blasting certificates to MBAs. Campbell says skills development is one of the most vital ways that the private sector can build the resilience of the economy. 

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