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Three Tips to Meet Production Targets

Tip Number One

Good communication is not only essential, it is critical. You need to make sure that everyone understands the overall production target that needs to be met. It may be necessary to unpack this in more details so that it is clear what each person’s role is in meeting these targets. Everyone need to know what needs to be done to ensure the daily production target is met. This communication should communicated in well managed morning meetings and progress should be tracked allowing all role players to report back. This forum is also the ideal platform to communicate changes to the production plan. Remember, information shared and discussed will strengthen your team.


Tip Number Two

Trusted role players are essential and should have been vetted for their ability to complete the work in the allotted time frame. Their team should also have the experience and skill to conduct the work effectively. And importantly, all teams on a project must be able to function well with those from different contractors on site, without causing any conflict or problems; such issues could cost the project time and money.


Tip Number Three

The project must have access to adequate resources, especially as new production targets could be hampered if the resource capacity is not available. A well-resourced partner is one who has access to both reliable well-maintained equipment as well as a competent skilled workforce. Meeting the challenges of increased production targets means having proven back-up plans already in place that leverage off access to a large enough fleet.

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