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What ensures success in contract mining

There are numerous factors which ensure success in contract mining, but perhaps one of the most important is a sound relationship between the service provider and the client. Where there is good communication and a solid understanding of what the overall objective on a project is, it becomes easier to plot monthly and weekly production targets.

Safety is always the most important consideration, and a contract mining service provider must be able to show a sound safety track record and have correctly skilled and qualified safety personnel assigned to the project. This is critical as any oversight on the part of the service provider could lead to costly Section 54 shutdowns by the regulator.

High equipment availability should be a huge priority for the contract mining service provider, as any unexpected downtime could severely disrupt operations on the mine.

Another important characteristic which delivers results in contract mining is the service provider’s ability to respond to inevitable changes on site, and the ability to do this is underpinned by an experience and diversified team. Available skills should cover all areas of surface mining from engineering, cost accounting and surveying, to safety, production and efficiency as well as a highly skilled and well-resourced mechanical department.

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