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What should mines look for in contract mining service providers

The most important criteria to look at when engaging a contract mining service provider is their track record. The length of time they have been around might not seem relevant, especially when you look at the age-old companies that have failed in recent years, but the experience of the senior management in such a service provider is a solid indication of their track record and will tell you a lot about the company’s capabilities and expertise.

It is also important that a contract mining service provider has a good blend of experience alongside younger, up-and-coming movers and shakers as this creates momentum into the future and will also see fresh innovation ideas being put forward.

The quality of equipment is also very important, as is the ability of the contract mining service provider to raise capital. Without regular injections of capital, a service provider’s fleet will age far too fast and become inefficient which will add to the overall cost of their service. You should inspect their workshops, and enquire about their field service teams as both will give a good indication of their approach to maintenance.

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